Established Winter of 2010, CREEations is the sole proprietorship of Ms. Cree Kelso. 

CREEations success comes from a simple passion: taking every client seriously, from corporate gigs to weddings to standard vanity shoots, and working for the client’s every happiness. 

At CREEations, customer service is exceeding the client’s expectations.

When CREEations is hired, booked, the client is immediately given Cree Kelso’s vast experience in a variety of photography environments and situations. 

CREEations has covered huge weddings, intimate gatherings, real estate holdings, dance clubs, author portraits, religious ceremonies, and so much more. Hire CREEations, and you’re not only getting a great deal for almost any budget, but you’re getting priceless amounts of professional experience. 

Cree has traveled the world (Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America) and is familiar with a wide variety of cultures.

CREEations is ready for lions, gothic cathedrals, jungles, quinces, brides, baby showers, ... anything thrown its way.

Be sure to check the PORTFOLIO section and PRICES section and FEEDBACK section for more information and to round-out your decision. 

Hiring CREEations for your event will be among the easiest and best choices you'll make for your special occasion. 

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